1967 "Disciple-Making" DISTRICT ASSEMBLY

1967 "Disciple-Making" DISTRICT ASSEMBLY


 Civic Center, Lansing MI July 6-9, 1967

 Convention Servant       E. D. Kohnert
 Convention Chairman      Linley Rockwell




 1:40 Music

 1:45 Song No. 5, Prayer and Experiences                  M. L. Berry

 2:00 Address of Welcome:
      Welcome to This Disciple-making District Assembly   Linley Rockwell

 2:30 Keep Close in Mind the Conclusion of the 
           System of Things                               L. J. Oakes

 3:00 Teach Them to Pray                                  R. A. Fennell


 3:35 Keynote Address:
        Let God Arise, Let His Enemies Be Scattered       Lyle E. Reusch
	(RELEASE: "Qualified to Be Ministers (Revised)" (book))

 4:35 Song No. 84



 6:30 Music

 6:35 Song No. 63 and Experiences                         R. C. Gillespie

 7:00 Training to Be a Qualified Minister                 T. W. Cooper

 7:30 Why Do You Want Life for Yourself and Others?       O. Kugler
       ANNOUNCEMENTS and Song 75
 8:05 Are You Ready for Life in a New Order?              C. S. Hayes
 8:35 Meeting the Divine Requirement of Obedience         Chuck B. Blackburn
 9:05 Song No. 88 and Prayer                              H. Webb



 8:45 Song No. 18, Prayer and Comments on Day's Text      J. L. Bauer

 9:00 Baptisms of Those Who Are Disciples                 R. L. Kirn

 9:30 To Baptism and to the Field



 1:40 Music

 1:45 Song No. 73, Prayer and Experiences                 H. G. Gravitt

 2:00 Parents, Are Your Children Christ's Disciple?       H. L. Enfroy

 2:30 Youths, Prove Yourselves Christ's Disciples         D. E. Larson

 3:00 Evolution Undermines Faith                          A. H. Meier
      (RELEASE: "Did Man Get Here by Evolution or by Creation" (book))

    ANNOUNCEMENTS and song 50

 3:35 Let Down Your Nets for a Catch                      R. D. Lang

 4:35 Song No. 10



 6:25 Music

 6:30 Song No. 56 and Experiences                         D. Szekely

 6:45 Return Evil for Evil to No One                      Ken Pulcifer
 7:15 Personally Benefiting from the 
          Bible's Laws and Principles                     R. J. Gilbert

   ANNOUNCEMENTS and Song 20
 7:50 DRAMA: Let Us Conform Ourselves to 
      God's Eternal Principles                            T. M. Henderson
 (RELEASE: "Your Word Is a Lamp to My Foot." (book))

 9:05 Song No. 104 and Prayer                             E. D. Green



 9:10 Music and Song No. 28

 9:15 Comments on Day's Text and Prayer                   J. Poloney

 9:30 To the Field


 1:30 Music, Song No. 72 and Experiences                  D. P. Spahr

 1:45 You Are Never Alone                                 C. E. Willard

 2:15 DRAMA:Leaving the City of Refuge Means Loss Of Life W. H. Battersby
      ANNOUNCEMENTS and Song 26

 3:35 Saving the World of Mankind by Blood                Albert D. Schroeder

 4:35 Song No. 61



 6:30 Music

 6:35 Song No. 105 and Experiences                        C. V. Durkee

 7:00 Don't Feel Sorry for Us!                            S. G. Shammas

 7:30 Keep Right View of the Work Ahead                   V. J. Mason
      ANNOUNCEMENTS and Song 24

 8:05 DRAMA:Jehovah's Name to be Declared in All the Earth      E. B. Taylor Jr 
 9:05 Song No. 62 and Prayer                              W. Crickmore



 9:00 Music 

 9:10 Song No. 108, Prayer and Comments on Day's Text     F. J. Kasten

 9:30 Building Disciples with Enduring Qualities          J. J. Schmidt

10:00 Is the World Puzzled at Your Course? It Should Be   C. L. Cecil

10:30 Do You Have Faith to the Preserving 
         Alive of the Soul                                R. E. Johnson

      ANNOUNCEMENTS and Song 78

11:05 Bible Questions                                     Lyle E. Reusch

12:05 Song 119



 2:15 Music

 3:00 Public Address:
        Rescuing a Great Crowd of Mankind 
                out of Armageddon                         Albert D. Schroeder

 4:00 Intermission

 4:30 Music

 4:45 Closing Remarks                                     E. D. Kohnert

 5:15 Song No. 110 and Prayer                             Linley Rockwell

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