DAY'S Theme: "Prove Yourselves Ready" (Matthew 24:44)


 9:20 Music

 9:30 Song No. 174 and Prayer

 9:40 Chairman’s Address:Why Must We Keep On the Watch?			Matthew Palmer

10:10 Conventions Help Us to Remain Watchful				Randy LaBriola

10:30 Jehovah - God of "Times and Seasons"				Rick Rittenbach

10:50 Song No. 70 and Announcements

11:00 Symposium: Imitate Faithful Ones Who Remained Watchful

11:01 Noah			Bradley Polan
11:10 Moses			Berry Maddock	

11:20 Jeremiah			William Wentworth

11:40 Keynote Address: How Jehovah Helps Us to "Keep on the Watch"	Leonard Pierson 	Wallkill Bethel

12:10 Song No. 79 and Intermission


 1:50 Music

 2:00 Song No.162

 2:05 Answers to Questions About the Last Days				Jonathan Nickerson  & Frank Tabious JR  CO ME 2
 2:25 "You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour" - Why?			Erin Wedburg	Caribou ME

 2:45 Know That the End is Near						David Eaton	Brooklyn Bethel

 3:05 Song No. 177 and Announcements

 3:25 Symposium: Stay Awake as Christian Families!

		Husbands-Take a Zealous Lead				David Tilley	Peabody MA
		Wives-Be Exemplary in Your Supportive Role	(I)	Greg Swain	Peabody MA
		Young Ones-Keep Your Eyes on the Prize			Gregory Webber	Corenna ME
		Keep Your Eye Simple					Lenny Krashane
	        Keep Pursuing Spiritual Goals			(I)	Bradley Moore 	Searsport ME
		Maintain a Family Worship Evening		    	Jeffrey Kots 	Gorham NH

 4:25 Verses That Move Us to "Keep Strict Watch"			Geoffrey Jackson

 4:55 Song No. 169 and Closing Prayer							John Wentworth		Korean Branch


DAY'S THEME:"Keep Your Senses, Be Watchful” (1 Peter 5:8)


 9:20 Music

 9:30 Song No. 195 and Prayer						Rick Rittenbach

 9:40 Examining God's Word Helps Us Keep Our Senses

 9:50 Symposium: Help People to "Awake From Sleep"

              Our Ministry-Why So Vital?		Charles Olderman Jr		Lincoln ME

              Be Observant in the Ministry		Timothy King
              Focus on Improving Your Skills		Philip Howe

              Don't Forget Your Relatives!		Robert Daughtery

              Maintain Your Sense of Urgency!		Christopher Batias		Brooklyn Bethel
10:50  Song No. 166 and Announcements

11:00  Imitate Jesus' Example of Watchfulness			Andrew Carr

11:20  "Be Vigilant With a View to Prayers"								Mark Davidson	Madison NH

11:40  "Keep Your Senses" After Baptism (Baptism Talk)			Michael Hanson	Patterson Bethel

12:10 Song No. 13 and Intermission



 1:45 Song No. 106

 1:50 Appreciate Those "Keeping Watch Over Your Souls"			Dale Bouvier	North Yarmouth ME

 2:10 Symposium: Watch Out for Satan's Traps!
	The Fire				Eark Bickford		Auburn ME
	The Pit					Richard Lawrence	Peabody MA
	The Snare				William Boynton		
	The Trap That Chokes			John Truneck
	The Trap That Crushes			Dereck Lee		Brooklyn Bethel
 3:10 "Until I Expire I Shall Not Take Away My Integrity					Allan Stafford	Wallkill NY				

 3:55 Song 160 and Announcements

 4:05 Do Not Look "at the Things behind"		Pat Foley	Wallkill Bethel
 4:25 Learn Watchfulness From Jesus' Apostles					Geoffrey Jackson

 4:55 Song No. 107 and Closing Prayer


DAY'S THEME: “Keep in Expectation...It Will Not Be Late” (Habakkuk 2:3)


 9:20 Music

 9:30 Song 6 and opening Prayer		Troy Coza	Guianna Missionary

 9:40 Keeping in Expectation Day by Day					Kevin Burrish	

 9:50 SYMPOSIUM: Symposium: Keep Your Eyes on the Things Unseen

        "The Ten Hors...Will Hate the Harlot			Kurt Berg	Windham North   ME
	The Nations Will Have to Acknowledge Jehovah		Bob Conkin	Patterson Bethel
	"All These Kingdoms" Will Be Crushed			Steve Tellman
	The Devil Will be Bound for a Thousand Years		Joseph Elliott
	"They Will Build Houses and Plant Vineyards"		Scott Patengill
	"The Wolf and the Lamb...Will Feed as One"			David Desimon 	Salem MA
	"God... Will Wipe Out Every Tear"				Michael Smaller		Waterloo ME
	"All Those in the Memorial Tombs Will Come Out"		Michael ONeil     New Castle ME
	God Will Be "All Things to Everyone"			Torliff Johnson 	Brooklyn Bethel
11:20 Song 222 and Announcements

11:30 Public Bible Discourse: 
      How Can You Survive the End of the World?				Richard Ryan Patterson
12:00 Song No. 215 and Intermission


 1:20 Music

 1:30 Song No. 139

 1:35 Drama: 
         "Your Brother Was Dead and Came to Life"
 2:35 Summary of the Watchtower		March 15,2009W   Righteous Ones Will Praise God Forever	Steve Sadowski 		Patterson
 3:05 Song No. 29 and Announcements

 3:15 Keep in Expectation, Watching for Jehovah's Day!		Geoffrey Jackson

 4:00 Song No. 129 and Closing Prayer					Geoffrey Jackson
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